Blue Tees

Golfers playing from the blue tees should be single-digit handicap to promote pace of play.

Proof of handicap may be required.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. 50% of the total will be charged to the credit card under which it is booked if not cancelled within said time limits.

Cart Rules

Drivers must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license or 18 without a valid driver’s license.

Walking is allowed at NYCC’s discretion.
Walking is prohibited during peak hours.
Cart Path Rules

Cart Path rules are determined by the superintendent’s best judgment based on the weather and conditions. “90 Degree Rule” and “Cart Path Only” is mandatory when in effect.

Handicap Flags: Golfers requiring a handicap flag must have a doctor’s note. Even with a handicap flag, certain holes that are roped off may require cart path only at the superintendent’s discretion.
 There are no discounts, refunds or rain checks for skipping holes.
Checking In

Golfers may check in a maximum of 30 minutes in advance of their tee time (see Twilight policy below).

Checking in early does not guarantee getting out early, especially if there are scheduled tee times ahead of your own.
Late check-ins must wait until the next available tee time.
By checking i, all golfers acknowledge and promise to abide by all rules and regulations
Discounted Rates

The following qualify for discounted rates at NYCC’s discretion (call NYCC for details)

PGA members (must have valid PGA card and secondary form of ID)
Military (with valid military ID)
Active NYCC Golf Professional students

Unfortunately, NYCC does not offer any of the following rates

Junior / Senior
Dress Code

All players must adhere to our dress policy. Shirts must have collars. The following are not permitted:

Tank tops
Spandex / Sweat suits
Metal spikes
Tennis Shoes / Sneakers

All players must respect their fellow golfers as well as our course. All players MUST

Repair ball marks
Replace divots
Replace pin
Rake bunkers

Permitted only at NYCC’s discretion.

No fivesomes are permitted during peak hours.
Outside Food and Beverage

Permissible at NYCC’s discretion.

All items must be disposed of properly in trash receptacles throughout the course.
Outside food and beverage may notbe brought into the clubhouse or on the terrace.
Pace of Play

All players are responsible for keeping up with pace of play. Beginning golfers are not allowed during prime tee times. Any group or individual slowing other guests will be warned by the Ranger as follows:

First Offense: Verbal warning to pick up the pace
Second Offense: Pick up and move into proper position
Third Offense: Expulsion from the course
Personal Property

NYCC will make every effort to locate lost clubs, equipment and other personal property as a courtesy to our golfers. However, NYCC can not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.

Rain Checks

Rain checks are issued at the sole discretion of NYCC

Rain checks are only issued in the event of course closure
Golfers may cancel their tee time prior to checking in if weather is inclement, even if course is not closed;
 Once checked in, rain checks are only issued if course closes or golfers are called in due to weather.

No refunds are given for golf once checked in; rain checks may be issued at NYCC’s discretion (see Rain Checks section above)..

Refunds for Pro Shop merchandise may be given if returned item is in reasonable condition and a receipt is presented..
 Balls may not be returned.

Replays are available upon completion of a round only if a tee time is available.

You may not reserve a second tee time ahead of time at the Replay Rate.
Multiple groups will not be allowed to replay if it will slow play for other guests
A credit card is required to make a reservation.
Singles, twosomes and threesomes should expect to be paired up at NYCC’s discretion.
Groups under three players are not permitted on weekends before 11 AM.
Riders / Non-Golfers
Riders are prohibited at any time.
There must be the appropriate number of golf bages in the cart for the number of people riding in the cart.
All golfers will be responsibel for the full tee time rate.
Rules of Play

USGA rules govern all play

Twilight / Moon Rate

See golf rates in Pro Shop or on NYCC website for rates and rate periods.

You may not check in for a lower rate during a higher rate period.
 i.e. The first Twilight tee time cannot check in during Prime rate period for a lower rate